I am honoured to be practicing and living in the Revelstoke area. This town has such a fantastic community, breathtaking scenery, and a multitude of amazing activities at your doorstep.  As we all look to find balance in our daily lives and grounding in the quiet spaces, I want to create a space where those who are seeking inclusive and empowering healthcare can find it. I look forward to partnering with you to achieve optimal health.

As part of your individualized treatment plan we may utilize one or more of the following:

Clinical nutrition
Preventative medicine
Botanical medicine
Acupuncture / Chinese medicine

Osseous manipulation or adjustments
Physical / sports medicine therapies
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IV Nutrient Therapy
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Cold laser therapy (Theralase ®)

Vitamin and mineral supplementation
Sublingual Immunotherapy

Lifestyle counselling
Minor surgery
Prescription Medication
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