Herb Love - Achillea millefolium: Yarrow

Happy Flora Friday! 🌿 Just a reminder to keep things simple - and as gorgeous as the view will be out there this weekend, don't forget about the foreground 🌿 Complexity within simplicity: Yarrow- Achillea millefolium ... ... ...#superlatergram #herbnerd #staywild #talltreescoldseas #protectourcoast This complex roadside herb, is a bitter, aromatic, as well as cooling and drying. The legend is in its name (Achillea millefolium): Legend says that Achilles used yarrow in the battle of Troy to stop the bleeding of his soldiers wounds by applying poultices of yarrow.

It can be used for fever and colds, as a digestive aid, to help with tooth aches, bleeding and wound healing, and to decrease blood pressure. 
Caution: Can be toxic in high doses, toxic in pregnancy, longer term use cautioned, avoid if have allergy to daisy family.

Ask you healthcare practitioner, naturopathic doctor, or herbalist before use.